Serial - I thought I knew what I'm doing.....

Serial - I thought I knew what I'm doing.....

Post by Bernd Mey » Thu, 24 Jun 1993 07:40:15


I've really run into trouble with the first serial port on my linux box.
Whenever I try to have a getty running on it, I get one of the following
errors (depending on the setting of CLOCAL and CRTSCTS in /etc/gettydefs)
(short note: I want to install either a wyse-Terminal or another PC as a

a) linux asks for login, then for password, but echoes the password and
   doesn't accept it. Have to kill the login or wait for it to die itself
b) linux asks for login, then nothing. Sending characters to linux makes
   linux send back one or two characters per time of what it SHOULD say
   (ie "Password:"). Unable to login, though.
c) linux asks for login and then hangs completly - have to kill login.

In some cases, I get by by logging in as a user without password (because if
linux doesn't ask for a password, it can't hang at that point), but
unfortunatly SLIP seems to do the same thing. And I want to test SLIP before
offering it to my users!

I would now call myself a dummy happily, except that I have a modem on the
other serial port for more than half a year, which is used 10h+ per day
without any trouble by people calling in........

Am I doing something stupid? I've even tried several gettys, but it's always
the same, so I begin to suspect a mode switching bug on ttyS0 (but can't
test, as the modem really should be online :-((( )



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