NNTP for linux ?

NNTP for linux ?

Post by Andreas Bus » Tue, 27 Apr 1993 16:32:28

Has anyone ported the NNTP - package (nntpd, xrn, rrn) to Linux ?



NNTP for linux ?

Post by Iain L » Wed, 28 Apr 1993 16:55:23

: Has anyone ported the NNTP - package (nntpd, xrn, rrn) to Linux ?

I have nntpd 1.5.11 + all the tin extensions running on 0.99p6.

I can xfer news but reading always returns 0's for the GROUP
command. Just have to find some free time to track that one down.



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1. NNTP with linux Slackware

I've been trying to connect to an NNTP server using slip, and
I'm having no luck.  I can connect to a public server
(news.ucdavis.edu) but my server chokes on me for some reason.  
I've used tin that comes with slackware 1.1.0, as well as
xvnews and trn 3.3. -- none have worked.  

I can use access my service's news from two ms-dos winsock
compatible NNTP news readers with no problems.  Judging from
the news server's log file I'm sending requests which aren't
recognized, but I don't know if the problem lies with my linux
box or the sun server.  Anybody have any ideas?

This is the log....

Dec  4 14:13:26 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com connect

These are the problem requests (I guess)...

Dec  4 14:13:27 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com unrecognized
Dec  4 14:13:27 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com unrecognized
Dec  4 14:13:28 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com unrecognized
spooldir list
Dec  4 14:13:29 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com unrecognized
xmotd 931202 170216
Dec  4 14:16:10 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com cant read
Connection timed out
Dec  4 14:16:10 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com timeout
Dec  4 14:16:10 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com exit articles 0
groups 0
Dec  4 14:16:10 nnrpd[11801]: dcv.pipeline.com times user 0.350
system 0.220 elapsed 164.365

Also, can anybody point me to a faq or man for
smail/sendmail/inn.  I need to set up mail service/news posting
as well.

thanks in advance,


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