NEED HELP in figuring what's needed for LINUX.

NEED HELP in figuring what's needed for LINUX.

Post by Ceramic M » Sun, 31 May 1992 17:51:51

Hi,     Thanks for reading my help request!  I'm currently planning to
buy a new computer system, and I would like to know some system requirements
for the new LINUX (.96) and X.

        Here're some facts: I don't want to waste too much money, but I'll
spend a couple hundred extra for things that'll seriously improve system
performance.  I used to own a 386/40 system, but later sold it.  But I didn't
sell the hard disk with that 386/40 system, and it's got a 40MB LINUX
partition on it.  I also have a gray-scale VGA monitor and SVGA card and
4MB left over from the sale.

        Ok, here's what I like to do with LINUX.  I'd like to run X,
develop X applications, do some regular C development with the latest gcc,
run slip and kermit, YACC, and LEX.  I don't mind waiting that much on
compiles (if you don't mind, I probably won't) and I don't have too much
money for new hard disk (but if you think I'll really need it, please, by
all means, tell me).

        Here's what I'm planning on: another 386/40 board with my old HD
(125MB, LINUX has 40MB), 4 more MB RAM (making 8 total RAM), keep my
original display (i.e. gray-scale display), and buy a 387/20 or 25.

        And here's what I'm worried about:  The X for LINUX doesn't run
nicely on VGA gray-scale (i.e. it needs SVGA or for other reasons -- please
tell me); 8MB is not enough for LINUX and X and still be able to do some
development work; 40MB HD space is too small for LINUX and X and company
(I'm thinking about either giving it 20MB more from the same HD or buying
another 40MB HD for LINUX, what's the advantages/disadvantages in having 1
60MB partition or 2 40MB partitions).

        Thanks!  Any help is greatly appreciated!  And I'll post a summary
if there's interest.

Please email (or post)!


NEED HELP in figuring what's needed for LINUX.

Post by Bill Henni » Tue, 02 Jun 1992 14:16:16

I agree - Linux is quite viable even on relatively "small" systems, as
long as one forgoes X11 & emacs.


1. Need help figuring out what 'monitor' is telling me

I'm trying to figure out some performance issues I'm having, and I'm having
some difficulty in understanding some of the statistics that I'm gathering.

First of all, I'm running Progress V8.3b, on an F50 with dual 166mhz
processors, 512MB RAM & AIX 4.2.1.  In tuning Progress, the recommendation is
to set Progress' buffers as high as required to get to approx. 95% buffer hits,
while not causing the system to page.  So far I'm up to about 50MB buffers, and
81% hit rate.  I'm trying to determine my actual memory usage, so I've fired up
the freeware 'monitor' utility (I assume I could get the same information from
AIX directly, but monitor seems to be a 'one-stop shop' for performance

So under "Real Memory" I'm using 183.4MB for processes, and 327.6MB for files.
The way I understand this is that I'm far from using up all of my available RAM
- in fact, AIX is using almost 2/3 of my 512MB for its own dynamic buffering.
The part I don't understand, is that under Virtual Memory, it says that I'm
using 240.7 MB, with 271.3 MB free.  Does this mean that my system is paging?
Why would *any* virtual memory be used, if I've got all of that real memory

One other point - when I run vmstat when the system seems particularly slow, I
see numbers in the pi & po columns.  Doesn't this indicate paging as well?

I'm trying to optimize the amount of memory used for Progress' buffers, under
the assumption that Progress does a better job of buffering than AIX does, but
if my interpretation of these numbers is correct, then I'm already paging, and
allocating more memory to Progress is only going to make things worse.

I should add that we only recently completed an upgrade to our application,
which involved upgrading from Progress V7.3E to 8.3, as well as a dump/load of
the entire database, and performance was quite acceptable before the upgrade.
There are definitely still some programming issues involving various reports
that are not written properly, and are therefore scanning an entire file rather
than following indexes, but these sorts of things never seemed to bring the
system to its knees the way they do now.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Brian Leyton

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