sound, sox and things that should be simple

sound, sox and things that should be simple

Post by Samuel C. Adam » Mon, 14 Jan 2002 05:10:57

I would think it would be easy to chop a few seconds off a wave file
but I can't seem to find a tool to do it effectively. sox's arcane
syntax has so far proved impenatrable. I've read about the trim
effect and tried to get it to work but I've had no success. From the
documentation I would think that

sox infile outfile trim 50

would put infile minus the first 50 seconds in outfile. If only.
It does appear to be chopping off some sound data but it isn't obvious
to me how it figures out which sound data to go after.

I've looked for other tools that might be able to help but I haven't
been able to find any. I'd just like to be able to cut some number of
seconds off the beginning or end of a wav file - something that handles
mp3s would be even better but not necessary. There have been windows
tools around for years that will trim wav files. There's got to be
something like this for linux right? Thanks for your time.