Latest QT and KDE issues

Latest QT and KDE issues

Post by Derek Clarkso » Sun, 24 Nov 2002 20:23:34

Hi all,
        In trying to get a CVS of Quanta to work I upgraded my Mandrake 9.0
KDE to 3.04 and libqt to 3.1. Quanta still won't compile but that's
not my problem. KDE is mow acting strange. Konsoles get a SIGSEGV and cra
sh and most programs are taking a long time to start if they start at all.

I don't know what to do next. I've tried reverting back to Mandrake 9.0's
libqt but the problems are still here.

can anyone tell me what is the problem because the next thing I'm looking at
is a complete re-install.

All this to get a bug fix for Quanta.



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        It appears (to me at least) that the main reason cited for not
supporting KDE is because it uses a proprietary widget set - Qt.  There is a
simple solution: make a source code compatible version of Qt, or binary
compatible if you have the ambition.

        Although I realize that what I'm proposing is hardly trivial, it
is quite viable.  So, what kind of stupid illogical conclusion have I made
that makes this entire concept utterly stupid?

        Certainly, if the makers of Qt try to screw the Linux community
over after it develops a dependence on it, we will react by doing just this,
it is after all why most freeware exists.

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