Linux on MicroChannel PS/2

Linux on MicroChannel PS/2

Post by Lance Pick » Fri, 29 May 1992 21:08:28

I decided to try out 0.96a on my MicroChannel PS/2 based on a few
reports that people had gotten it working on floppies.  Here are
my results:

1) It didn't reboot after telling me there were 4 pty's.  But the
   screen did go blank right after that.  I found that hitting a
   key brought the screen back, only to disappear about a second
   later.  Does Linux have a screen blanking feature?  This is
   what it appears to be doing, except it blanks it after only a

2) By holding down a key, I can get the boot to proceed.  It doesn't
   matter if I hit the key one key at a time or let it auto-repeat,
   but obviously it goes faster if I just hold the key down.  The
   point is that it appears to be looking for keystrokes.  My guess
   is that the code thinks it has a keystroke waiting (when it really
   doesn't) and is sitting in the keyboard interrupt service routine
   until I hit a key?  Okay, so by holding down a key for long enough,
   I can get it to get as far as prompting for the ROOT diskette.
   This is after it reports 0 disks (which I expected based on some
   previous posts).

3) When prompted, I put in the ROOT diskette and hit ENTER.  The
   system tries to read from the floppy twice unsuccessfully???
   and then panics.  I don't think I have a bad ROOT diskette,
   although I was using the 0.95 ROOT (I didn't want to download
   the entire 0.96a ROOT until I was sure the BOOT would work).
   It seemed to fail immediately, like right after I hit ENTER.

Well, I am pleased I got as far as I did, but I still can't make
it work, even with the screen blanking on me every second and having
to hold down a key.  I guess the interrupt processing is still too
far away from the MicroChannel.  I would be interested in other
PS/2 user's comments.



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Linux on MicroChannel PS/2

Post by Paul Simund » Sun, 31 May 1992 18:01:20

The floppy version of .95a works great on my Ibm ps/2 Microchannel,
everything seems fine, booting and logging in, except I am limited
to floppy....

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