Text mode timing prob. on X exit...

Text mode timing prob. on X exit...

Post by Kevin Burt » Thu, 22 Jul 1993 03:35:10

I recently installed SLS 1.02 on my 486DX-50 VL-Bus w/AMI bios, ET4000AX video, 1024x768NI mon.
Problem: When I run startx, OpenWindows starts with no problem. Switching res. (640x480 to 800x600 to
1024x768NI) is no problem... until I exit OpenWindows. My video card is obviousely trying to use the
wrong timing for the (132x44) text mode I'm using, very messy. The only thing I can do is su, hope
to get the password right :), and halt or reboot.

I know I saw something similar hit this newsgroup a few weeks ago, but I didn't have linux at the time.
I don't remember if I even saw a reply to it.   I hope someone can help! :)

        (I know its probably something extremely simple/stupid that I'll regret asking so flame away:)

                                                Thanks :)



1. Text prob after exiting X (RH 5.2)

Hello everyone,

PII300 + 64Mb, S3 virge DX, dual boot with W95 OSR2

I've just installed Redhat 5.2 and am experiencing frequent corruption
to the text character set after exiting X (using WindowMaker). The main
symptom is that capital letters on both new and previously typed text
display as non-text characters, so that, for example, "Text With
Capitals" displays as "%ext )ith &apitals". Sometimes the problem is
worse with both upper and lower case chars affected.

Has anyone come across this ?

I'm in the process of downloading KDE and am hoping that the problem
will go away. This may take a while as the RPM install doesn't seem to
work wih 5.2 so I am having to use the tar.gz install. I'll post back
with results.


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