"No ethernet device found."

"No ethernet device found."

Post by Jim McCaul » Thu, 15 Jul 1993 01:18:42

The title is the message I get from the a1.5 boot disk.  Apparently,
the message is generated by the "8390.c" program, which searches for
supported cards at certain addresses.

I have two aged but serviceable cards to choose from: a 3Com Etherlink
and an Hewlett-Packard 27210A-600001.  Each has done yeoman duty under
NCSA Telnet on DOS, using a 3c501 driver.

Both cards are, do the best of my determination, configured

        Interrupt (IRQ) 3
        DMA: ACK 1, REQ 1
        I/O address: 000011 (binary)
        Memory address: 00110111 (binary)
        BNC connector selected

I don't have documentation for either card, so I cannot interpret the
memory addresses.  Are the cards not properly addressed, or are cards
of the 3c501 type not supported by Linux?

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