Using the TVGA 9000LT2 card with X-Windows

Using the TVGA 9000LT2 card with X-Windows

Post by Zane H. Hea » Tue, 19 May 1992 12:21:40

Has anyone tried using the TVGA 9000LT2 video adapter with X-Windows?  I
noticed a file on for use with the 8900 card, and was wondering
if it would work with my card and allow me to use X-Windows?  Or is anyone
writing an adapter for this card?



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I have 3 questions about X-windows:

Is there a good graphical bases typewriter (not editor) in which
i can write and layout text in x-windows, without using a bunch
of codes as in e.g. latech.

Is it possible to make a telnet like connection in a MS windows
based PC to a unix machine which is capable to run the X-windows
system. So i could use for example Xmaple when I am sitting home
where i dont have unix, but I do have a fast pc and internet.

Is there a special X-windows newsgroup?

Please e-mail me because i cant read the newsgroups so often.


Sander Zboray

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