"Unable to handle kernel paging request..."

"Unable to handle kernel paging request..."

Post by Gene Hightow » Sun, 18 Jul 1993 11:38:27

I have a strange problem with my system running Linux 0.99.10, (had
the same problem with pl9)

If I let the system sit for a while without doing anything, when I get
back, the first thing I try to run will crash with a message like:

ext2_free_inode: inode has count=22665
Unable to handle kernel paging request
at address C000085f
Oops: 0000 (Sometimes 0002)
 .  .  .  
(regester dumps, lots of scary looking hex numbers that don't fit on a
single post-it note)
 .  .  .
Segmentation fault.

Let me say up front what is strange about my system: I have a 40-MHz
AMD '386 clone chip for a processor (no '387) and I have the AHA 1542C
SCSI card with the mondo line drivers connected to an external hard
disk (Fujitsu M2263-SA).  Otherwise sort of a normal box.

I do not yet have one of the new "active" terminators, but am working
on getting one.  The SCSI cable I use is a short (2 ft.) flat ribbon,
I think that should be OK.

I am hoping that someone with lots of Linux smarts could tell me what
I might be doing wrong with my setup.

I don't know if I should suspect the motherboard, the CPU chip, the
SCSI controller, or ???

Any and all help welcome.

Thanks all -- Gene