INN 1.4 for Linux: patch + config kit available

INN 1.4 for Linux: patch + config kit available

Post by Arjan de V » Wed, 16 Jun 1993 23:38:00

Quote:(Arjan de Vet) writes:
>I've made a patch + config kit for INN 1.4 to get it to run on Linux.
>It can be found at:

For those without ftp-access I can send it uuencoded, btoa-ed or ship-ed

you want (uue, btoa, ship).


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1. INN 1.4 for Linux: patch + config kit available

I've made a patch + config kit for INN 1.4 to get it to run on Linux.

It can be found at:

The IP-address is

Here's the README:

INN 1.4 for Linux

Based on patches for INN 1.3 posted by Dave Gymer.

After seeing lots of requests for INN on Linux I decided to make a patch kit
with config files.

It only deals with getting INN 1.4 to run on Linux, not how to configure and
use it as you can find that information at other places.


INSTALL         Installation instructions
README          This file     config/ file
inn-1.3         Original patches by Dave Gymer (with some explanation)
patch           Patch for INN 1.4
site/*          My configuration files (only the ones which differ from the

NOTE: and site/* files are the files *I* use. You certainly have
to edit them for your setup. *** Please read the INN manuals. ***

I only use a UUCP link to a host named svin09. News is batched by using the

        send-uucp svin09

I use NOV for use with trn 3.0. It's in my newsfeeds file.

INN depends heavily on a good /bin/sh substitute. I use a beta version of
bash 1.13.  bash 1.12 gives some small problems with newgroups not being
handled correctly (maybe some other problems too, I don't remember).

Discussions about this Linux port: comp.os.linux or email to me.

Questions about configuration:{b,nntp} (after RTFM/FAQ!)

I do NOT have the time to answers configuration questions. Sorry!

        Arjan de Vet
        Department of Mathematics and Computing Science
        Eindhoven University of Technology
        The Netherlands



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