System crash when restoring a backup

System crash when restoring a backup

Post by Marten Verhoev » Wed, 24 Oct 2001 23:36:50

Hi all,

When I try to restore a backup (or read what is on the tape), my linux
computer completely freezes. Nothing works anymore, I have to use the
reset button to restart the computer. How can I find out if it is a
driver-bug, or a hardware problem?

System details:
SuSE Linux 7.2
2.4.9 kernel
onstream sc30 tapedrive
backup software: PerfectBackup


Marten Verhoeven


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as the subject says..
from one of our systems the root disc crashed. but lucky us
we had a backup...
after placing the new disc (same size/different disc) I used
the boot+root discs to restore the backup to the new disc

the restore proces looked like this...
1. boot from floppy disc
2. fdisk+divvy the new disc
3. mount /dev/hd0root /mnt; cd /mnt
4. cpio -iudvm -I/dev/rStp0 -C10240
5. umount /mnt; fscky -y /dev/hd0root
6. dparam -w;
    dd if=/etc/hdboot0 of=/dev/hd0a;
    dd if=/etc/hdboot1 of=/dev/hd0a bs=1k seek=1

so normally everything worked again, and I could go home
but after trying to boot from hd we got a messages NO OS.
no problem, maybe we forgot to activate our unix partition.
nope it's allright..
so what going on here????

if I boot from disc and use hd from the boot prompt everything
seems ok.

new disc has different geometry (cyls=2063, hds=64, secs=32)
maybe that's the problem?

thanx in regards,


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