SCO unix "version" 4.2 (was: Re: SCO marketroids strike again!)

SCO unix "version" 4.2 (was: Re: SCO marketroids strike again!)

Post by Clayton Haapa » Thu, 27 May 1993 06:32:56

>25:dynamic linking - on SVR4, the dynamic linking is symbolic.  This increases
>   portability.  (case in point: A Linux person has managed to get SVR4 ELF
>   binaries running under Linux.  System call compatability was not required,
>   only symbol name compatability was needed).  This allows you to replace
>   symbols from one library with another.

Ooooh!  Way cool!  Thought I'd post this here, since discussions on
binary compatibility for Linux and Xenix and ISC have begun in c.o.l.

The current Xenix/SysV.3 binary compatibility that exists in ISC and
SCO products is fairly limited.  It almost always falls down when
networking is involved or VGA hardware access is attempted.  I have
seen a Xenix UNIFY DBMS installed installed and run fine under SCO
UNIX, though, so I know the binary compatibility is valuable.

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