Help compiling new kernel?

Help compiling new kernel?

Post by Robert W. Bingl » Mon, 27 Jul 1992 08:15:03

        I am in need of some help compiling a new kernel.  I
currently boot from a floppy using my hard drive as root. I
want to recompile to optimize for my 486.  In the Makefile in
/usr/src/linux I assume the ROOT_DEV option should be set for
my linux partition.  I then should comment out the math
emulation option.  I think I am supposed to add -486 to the
CFLAGS option next.  Am I right so far?
        I am unclear as to where to go from here.  I know that
there are many Makefiles in the source.  Will someone please
give me a crashcourse as to what I should be using.
        Once I get it compiled, what should I do as to boot up
into my new kernel.
        I have some ideas on some of these questions, but I
don't want to make a wrong guess and mess something up.
Thanks for any Help,

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on this
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