Linux + SLIP

Linux + SLIP

Post by Dustin Mol » Sun, 14 Nov 1993 07:56:59

Hey all!  I am interested in finding someone who has setup Linux with a SLIP
server..  I would like to know which package you used, what you had to do to
get it working and if you could email the package to me..  I have looked for
a package that would work with linux, but have been un-successful.  If you
can e-mail me directly, please do so..  Thanks in advance!


P.S.  I would prefer you to use the address for mail...

Dustin Mollo, ext. 1750                            Santa Rosa Junior College
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1. SLIP server (linux) SLIP client (winsock) help please

I am trying to set up a slip server on my linux box that would allow me to
connect from my house via Winsock TCPman (windows).  I have read all the
FAQ's, how-to's, etc.  
I was able to ping, telnet, ftp the linux box but could not see any machine
past it.  If anyone has successfully done this, I would appreciate any help
that you could give.  A step by step guide would really be nice!   I am
running pl14 with CSLIP disabled when I made config.

Thanks in advance!

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