NFS / mount Problems

NFS / mount Problems

Post by Shaun Sava » Mon, 05 Jul 1993 10:58:34

I am having problems getting my nfs working.  I have commented
out the named,rwho commands in rc.inet2 and left everything
else the same.  I have done this for both machines.  I can ftp,
and telnet fine (ftp does not like shadow passwords) but when I
try to mount the NFS iI get RPC: Program not registered.  
I have tried to use the old nfsd and mountd on the server
Now I get a RPC: timeout.  I would like to learn how this works.

Does any one have info on how to fix this problem and were I can
get info on how NFS / RPC works.  (O'Rielly has some but $$$$)

Shaun Savage


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mount: can't get address for nfs-server.kauai

What does can't get address mean on my linux system?
How can I fix it?

I am running caldera 2.3, red hat 6.1, and
mandrake 6.??
I can't get nfs working from any of them to
any others.

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