Linux 0.99pl6 and SatisFAXtion 400 modem

Linux 0.99pl6 and SatisFAXtion 400 modem

Post by jason c Ch » Mon, 12 Apr 1993 14:54:12

  I'm having some problem configuring my modem to work with
Linux 0.99pl6.  I have a Intel SatisFAXtion 400 internal
modem in COM2 serial port (IRQ=3).  Linux does not detect
the modem during boot up (although it does detect the mouse
in COM1 serial port and does print the approriate IRQ and
UART chip).  I've created /dev/cua* device file as suggested
in an earlier post, but the modem still does not work with
either ckermit or minicom.
  Has anyone got this modem to work in Linux?  I suspect
that the problem is due to the UART chip in this modem
(it doesn't use the "standard" UART chip).  But before I
start hacking the kernel, I like to see if other people
can suggest some simpler solutions to this problem.
  Thanks in advance for the help.

Linux 0.99pl6 and SatisFAXtion 400 modem

Post by Emil Raine » Thu, 15 Apr 1993 00:45:22

Gateway 2000/486 DX2 66
Imprimis 93601-15 (1040Mb) hard drives

When booting SLS off of disk a1, it says

detected 0 SCSI Disks.  

then everything proceeds nicely until a2 is inserted.  At that point
# fdisk
/dev/hda not found

Has anyone gotten Imprimis 1040Mb disks working with SLS?

Thanks in advance
Emil Rainero


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        Hi. I've just installed Linux on my computer without much problem.
The only problem I have is that I cannot get Linux to reconize my modem.
Normally under Dos, The Intel satifaxtion modem/400 internal uses drivers
to initalize it.  Is there any drivers or command under Linux that would
allow me to run a com program Linux?

If you have any info please email me

    thank you very much.
 Tuong Truong

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