help installing without PAM

help installing without PAM

Post by shaw » Wed, 06 Dec 2000 01:17:20

I'm trying to install RedHat 6.1, and don't want to install ay of the PAM
stuff.  I have done this in the past but it doesn't seem to want to let me
do this now.  Can anyone refresh my memory on this?

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hi, I've just had the same problem on two machines.  one is running redhat
4.2 and the other is slackware 3.3.  still don't know what I've done to
cause this, but that's another issue... anyway, (and this happened about a
week apart) the redhat machine was first to stop validating ftp logins.
it asks for the name and password but then insists that they're wrong.
after checking /etc/ftpaccess and /etc/ftpusers thoroughly, I realized
/etc/pam.d/ftp was missing.  after replacing it from another redhat system
everything worked great.

now I'm having the same problem with my slackware machine.  but, of
course, slackware doesn't use pam (right?).  it doesn't have an
/etc/pam.d.  so, if the accounts are setup correctly in /etc/passwd and I
can telnet in, what else could be wrong?


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