UUCP info -- thanks !!!

UUCP info -- thanks !!!

Post by bob mye » Sat, 27 Feb 1993 21:41:42

I'd like to thank all of you that sent me replies on UUCP setup.

I hadn't seen anything, so I posted a third time...well, it looks like
last night I got 10 to 20 different replies on this subject.

I'll be trying out the info that was shipped tonight.

thanks again!!!  :=)
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1. Thanks Rob Davies for the hdparm info

I recently did some additional digging regarding disk corruption reported as
late as April of this year on the kernel mailing list and found several
instances of this problem asserting itself on systems with my particular
chipset which is the VIA and KT133.  I have two identical athlons here with
somewhat different motherboards.  After reading the posts that I made and
the followup that Mr. Davies made, I felt a somewhat different inclination
to go find out about this issue.  As it appears from the kernel digests, I
was wrong in asserting that one should use hdparm in the manner I specified.
I recompiled a 2.4.5 kernel with the VIA drivers in place and get better
support at the kernel level for the drives including a better identification
of each drive.

From the posts, I would now agree that a person should go out and find
whether disk/file corruption could happen and take reasonable steps to
preclude it.  


Michael Perry


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