Diskless Linux (mounted via NFS)

Diskless Linux (mounted via NFS)

Post by Jean Marc Pige » Tue, 10 Aug 1993 09:09:38

Bonjour a Tous,

        I got many requests about the work I have done on
        a "Linux Diskless Station".

        I put everything in login.qc.ca (/Linux/dkl), so
        you can get it via anonymous FTP.

        Before to jump on this "piece of action", you need to
        - that's really fresh software, (I hesitate to call
           that ALPHA :-}, but it's working well for me).
        - I try to give many hints in my README file, (but I
          could have forgoten very important points :-}})      
        - It's not completed yet, and I am working on to have
          a clean and operational release.

        So if some of you are willing to try it and give me
        their feeling or help, they are welcome!.

A bientot

                                        Bell:           (514) 626-8086


1. Additional nfs mounts on diskless machine lock nfs server

I have several diskless workstations that mostly work just fine (I have one
other issue that I'll get to later) except that if I try to mount an
additional directory from the server the nfs server stops responding to all
clients.  For example I have:

1.  Client boots and mounts it's root directory from server://tftpboot/client1
and continues to boot and work fine.

2.  Client now mounts server://data in /data and the nfs server stops

I'm running Debian Woody on the server with kernel 2.4.19 and the user space
nfs daemon.  The clients are a mixture of Debian Potato and Woody with a
variety of 2.2 and 2.4. kernels.

Any ideas?


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