Pro-Audio Spectrum 16 SCSI supported?

Pro-Audio Spectrum 16 SCSI supported?

Post by David Bla » Fri, 05 Mar 1993 09:33:30

I'm asking this for a friend who's interested in the LGX CDROM...
his drive is a NEC CDR-84 connected to a Pro-Audio Spectrum 16
sound card. Supposed to be SCSI, but I'm wondering if there's
any hope of him using it with the current linux SCSI drivers.

(Full or partial compatibility with a currently supported SCSI


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        Does anybody has written an SCSI driver for LUNIX using the SCSI
interface on a sound card ProAudio Spectrum 16. I have a CDROM
connected to the card and I want to used it with LINUX, which is a gret
UNIX system for PC,


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