: 0.99pl8 (SLS 1.01) TCP/IP fails with "potential" IRQ 9 conflict

: 0.99pl8 (SLS 1.01) TCP/IP fails with "potential" IRQ 9 conflict

Post by Dan Kes » Sun, 16 May 1993 02:39:42

Hi everybody,

I wonder if anyone would be able to shed light onto the following problem:

I am trying to set up TCP/IP for Linux 0.99pl8 (SLS Rel. 1.01) on my box, a
Gateway 486/33C.  My card is an (old?!) Western Digital 8003E, configured
to the following values:

                    int         =       5
                    mem         =       D0000
                    mem start   =       D0000
                    mem end     =       D2000

At bootup, Linux detects my card correctly and prints the following message:

        "Detected wd8003-old using IRQ 9 with shared memory d0000-d1fff"
        "wd.c by Donald Becker [etc.]"

Hmmm, IRQ 9?  Now how could that be?  Anyways, I ignored the above and went
about editing the relevant files to set myself up on the network here:
/etc/hosts, /etc/domain, hostcvt.build, reboot.

After rebooting, 'hostname' correctly identified my box; also, I was able
to telnet in loopback-mode and actually send mail to myself.  However,
telnet-ing to another system on the network proved futile (I paraphrase):

    "Timeout detected, jiffy failure, potential interrupt conflict IRQ 9"

What might I be doing wrong ? If the above information proves insufficient,
let me know what is needed to better pin-point the problem, and I'll go
about finding it...

Any help is much appreciated.


Linux: Way cool!

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: 0.99pl8 (SLS 1.01) TCP/IP fails with "potential" IRQ 9 conflict

Post by Rob Naccara » Sun, 16 May 1993 22:58:21

  Hello everyone!  I'm extremely new to Linux (only had it for about a
week) and I think I need some help.  I managed to figure out LILO and
all that stuff but now I want to get X11 running.  So, I tried to figure
out my monitor's specs and I think I've got it right.  When I 'startx',
the monitor goes into a graphic mode and I get this big white rectangle
on the screen.  BUT, I get nothing else!  I tried double-clicking with
my mouse (I had no cursor!) and that made my disk spin, so something
must be happening somewhere.

  Am I starting it wrong or what?  All help is appreciated. Thankx.


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