Newbie Linuxer

Newbie Linuxer

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first : welcome to the growing Linux community !
Another one made the final step away from DOS ...

To your questions (I'm new - 5 weeks reading c.o.l., 2 weeks experience
with 0.96c[pl2], so my answers may be incomplete or incorrect, but I hope
they will help you) :

[questions omitted - see Digest #524]

1. To boot DOS from HD, you have to mark your DOS partition as bootable
(this has nothing to do with laceup's asterisk !). Give Shoelace a '1' at
the Boot: prompt, this will do.
   To boot Linux from HD, in addition to the shoelace installation (the
laceup command -w 2 only marks the standard partition to boot from !) you
have to modify your boot image - if you recompile the kernel, this may be
done by editing the Makefile (ROOT_DEV), the Image should be in /etc then...
2. Get rid of the /etc/nologin file, this is left by a shutdown. Insert
a line like 'rm -f /etc/nologin to your /etc/rc startup file.
3. For automated selection of terminal resolution, get Digest # 490 from
tsx-11. It's somewhere in .../Volume2 in compressed form (digest490.Z) -
maybe you should ask archie for help...
4. mtools usually works on /dev/fd0 autodetecting; for formatting you have to
choose the correct device (fd0h1440 or so, have a look into your /dev dir.)
I didn't format disks with a DOS fs under linux ...
You will never need mkfs for this ! mkfs is for Linux file systems. If you
want to tar to a disk, you have only to format it.
Try dosfs built into 0.96cpl2 (get patch dosfs.6 !), its very nice - you
will never need mtools again. (But formatting is a problem i've not solved yet,
may be I'm overlooking something.)
5. The numbering of the com port depends on your kernel version, try /dev/ttysx
with x=0...4 (0 or 1 may be com1 and so on).
X should run with 4 chipsets : ET3000, ET4000, GVGA, PVGA1 (I type this off
my head, so it may be mis-spelled) - check your Paradise card (get whatvga.pas
somewhere in X386kit, I believe) for the chip set ! (& read the X channel)
There should be a possibility to run X in LOW resolution (640x400), you need
256 colors up to now (16 color modes are in work, I think).
---> If you get your card running with X, let me know the paarmeters - thanx !
Check your mouse response with /tst/mouse/mouse. There are different types
of Logitechs around. (Behaving like Microsofts - or not...)
6. !!!! What is that : Nethack ??? All speak about it, but I still don't know
what it is for !
7. Ghostscript has just been ported (should go without problems, -DSYSV should
help). GhostView - ??? There is also zsh, tcsh ... look at tsx-11 or banjo.
(Brute force : get a 'ls -ltR' to a file and search inside, it's faster than
archie !)

Good luck !

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