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                                        16th June 1993

        Tired of downloading or doing a FTP to get Linux
every month, because of huge files sizes and your slow modem ?
Well we have a solution. Introducing the first ever bimonthly
CD-ROM for Linux Users.

        This CD-ROM will contain every thing that can be
found on the TSX-11 FTP site. The CD-ROM will be published once
every two months and will contain the updated version of Linux
and other Linux related software.

        Our second issue will be going out to subscribers
this week. This CD-ROM contains Linux version 99.pl9 and SLS
1.2. All together there are over 150 Megs of Linux related
software on the CD-ROM. This CD-ROM will work on any CD-ROM
drive regardless of brand  or controller card.

        The cost of one year subscription is only U$65.00
for one year (6 CD's ) and U$99.00 for two years (12 CD's). We
expect to pass our 1000th subscriber this month (NeXT and Linux
users combined ), so we are NOT a fly by night company ( If you
live in Toronto, you are welcome to visit us). Due to the high
volume of E-Mail I received I faced some problems and could not
reply all the E-Mail's, but now I am back to normal. I have
hired a part time staff to reply E-Mail's and take orders
through the phone. All E-Mail's that are sent to me will receive
a reply within 48 Hr's starting today Thanks to our new staff.

        Please note that I do not have a lot of CD-ROM in
stock, so if you would like to subscribe please do as soon as
possible. Since we are growing very fast ( Hey I am getting
about 250 E-Mail's a day :-))  I will be getting a permanent

Ordering info for US residents.

        The cost of one year subscription is $65 ( For 6
Disks ) and $99 (For 12 Disks ). Please E-Mail me your address
and phone number ( very important ). We will phone you to confirm
the order.

Outside USA

        If you live out side of USA then the cost of
subscription is $79 for one year and $119 for two years. All
foreign orders must be prepaid. Payment can be made by MC or
Visa. If you do not trust the internet to E-Mail your CC number
then you can fax it to me at 1-416-922-5597.

        All the CD-ROM's will be shipping this week and I have them in

        Cost of one year subscription will go from $65.00 to
$99.00 very soon. The reason is I have to pay for my staff and
for the cost of placing ads on UNIX World, UNIX Review and NeXT
World. So subscribe as soon as possible. Also part of the profit
will  be donated to TSX-11 FTP site.

        If you would like to talk to me before you place an
order please call me at 1-800-363--2083 or 1-416-538-2311 (9.00
AM - 5.00 PM EST ) or FAX to me at 1-416-922-5597.


JANA Publishing  Ver 2.0 <--- :-).

Comdex/Canada : We will be at Comdex/Canada'93. If you would like free
passes E-Mail your address and I will send you one.


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