3c503 irq problem, Always IN2000 SCSI

3c503 irq problem, Always IN2000 SCSI

Post by John C. Wingenba » Wed, 23 Jun 1993 05:37:08

Help again......

1)  I have managed to install SLS 1.02 on my office system.  However, I can
not get the network portion to work.  It autodetects the 3c503 irq as 5.  It
is set as 3 in the DOS world.

Here is my setup:

   Adaptec 154x  SCSI
   SC503 Etherlink II     irq 3 Base I/O 380  DMA c800
   ATI VGA Wonder  (don't know exacts)   mouse irq 5

I have tried to modify 3c503.c to look at irq 3 first.  But I only managed to
build a kernel without 3c503 probing.

2)  At home I tried to load up Linux.  I have a IN2000 SCSI controller.  On
boot of A1 disk, it detects the SCSI controller but can't find my hard disks
nor my CDROM.  No can install.  ????

Thanks in advance.  Help is greatly appreciated.   :-)

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Hi.  I recently purchased a used Always in2000 scsi controller.  I have
no problem using the controller (with a Zip drive) under dos.  However,
using any of the following drivers, linux fails to find the controller:
        in2000.s, scsi.s, sbpcd.s

During the boot process, I receive a message that there were 0 scsi hosts
detected.  A similar problem occurs if I try to use modules.

Any help getting this recognized from Linux would be greatly appreciated.


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