Kernel hacker guide

Kernel hacker guide

Post by Daniel T. Schwag » Sun, 15 Aug 1993 09:24:14

Hi all,

only a easy question: where can I find the kernel hacker guide (
or docu like this, which describes the flow in the kernel,
specifically the flow in the net-2 code (BSD docu ?) )


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1. Kernel Hackers Guide update??

  Some time ago, someone created the Linux Kernel Hackers Guide (khg) which
by then was at version 0.5. Will there be any further versions of it? I have
read through the 0.5 but as it refers to 0.9x kernels it's a bit outdated
on some places. In addition there are several 'this will be documented in a
further version...' that sound very interesting to me who would like to know
a little more about the Linux kernel but don't have the time to read (and
understand) all the fine source myself.



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