Ghostscript & Ghostview

Ghostscript & Ghostview

Post by Guido Mues » Thu, 18 Jun 1992 21:25:12

I had nearly no problems to compile ghostscript(2.4.1) and ghostview(1.4).
GS had first problems with complex ps files displaying under X11.
So I set use_backingstore=0 and that works fine. (with Still ghostview dies on complex ps files. (like the three
mentioned above). Is it a problem of X386 or ghostscript/ghostview?
Or is it just a problem of to less memory(I have 8Mb RAM + 8Mb swap)?
It dies in a way that the whole system is locked up.
Well it is not that bad, manpages generated by groff are working fine
with GS. I am quite happy with that!

btw: I compiled xlife (I just had to rename the funktion link to
     something else). xpostit also compiles fine!


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A while ago I got ghostscript and ghostview compiled binaries.  They worked
fine together, except of course you really need to compile ghostscript
yourself if you want to use it with a specific printer.  
So I compiled it, and now ghostview complains that there is "Malformed
Ghostview Color Option", and that "Postscript Interpreter Failed in Main

This frustrates me, because I did not change anything in ghostview! I shouldn't
have to!  So what is it that I did wrong with ghostscript that caused
ghostview to fail?

I hope someone can answer this.
-Andy Hyatt

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