New version of UltraStor driver with scatter/gather

New version of UltraStor driver with scatter/gather

Post by Matt Birkho » Mon, 01 Mar 1993 09:52:16

latest UltraStor SCSI driver (announced on comp.os.linux.announce yesterday
[my birthday!]) and let me know how to get ahold of it, I'd be very
grateful.  I need the new driver support for my UltraStor 34F (which I
was hoping would work with the 14F driver).

Please have pity.  I've been limping along with Windows since buying my
like to be running LINUX and 486DX2/66 box a month ago, and BOY would I
like to be running LINUX and like to be running LINUX and X windows!

Matt Birkholz


1. Scatter/Gather - Ultrastor 34F - All over my disk!

Hi All,

You may want to exercise great care when *attempting* to install the
ALPHA ultrastorsg code. I have 99.pl8 running on a Micronics LB MB,
Ultrastor 34F and a 2GB disk. Looking for aditional speed (never
satisified) I got the alpha code, compiled my kernel, ran lilo/install,
sync'ed my box, and rebooted. All was fine untill the system started to
load, at which time the kernel started to "crap" all over mt e2fs file

The FAQ is it's untested on a 34F, so it should be fair warning.....
If you want your data, *DON'T USE THIS CODE*.

You might think I'm taking a dim view of all of this, but generally
I have now problem with linux, it's great. (we all have bugs around


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