compress doesn't work

compress doesn't work

Post by Joerg Pommni » Wed, 15 Apr 1992 20:11:42

I have installed LINUX 0.95a on my harddisk without any problems. In order to
recompile the kernel I got gcc2.1.
Now I have got some trouble. compress "refuses" to uncompress the 2.1misc file.
The file is ok, I checked it on a SUN.
What happens is:
compress starts to work (tar ztvf * shows the contents of the file until it
Then compress hangs. The process table indicates, that PC doesn't change.
So I think it's somewhere in the kernel.
If I switch to another VC, I can't do any input.
So I can wait a loooong time, but nothing happens. If I interrupt the process
using ^C some messages appear on the screen:

Out of Memory !
Out of Swap Memory!
Memory fault!

But I have 4M RAM and a 6M swapfile !!!!
The same problem occured when I tried to unpack elvis-1.5 (a correct file, too).
My hardware: i386-33, 4M RAM, ST1144A, AMI-BIOS,OAK-VGA.
The LINUX-FS is about 25 M.
There is no special swap device, only a swap file.

I know about at least one other machine with the same problem (using the same
distribution) and another machine where everything is perfect.

It's very frustrating to be unable to do anything, please assist !


1. Re. bffcreate -X doesn't work Re: bffcreate -X Doesn't Work

bffcreate first restores all images from the tape to /tmp (default)
and than does a 'restore -p' to pack them in big files and place these
files in /usr/sys/inst.images. It's much more easier to use 'dd' to
copy the files directly from the tape to disk. The only thing you have
to take care about it the naming. If all images are copied run 'inutoc'
on the directory were you placed your files this will create the
table of contents files '.toc'.

frank ;-)

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