525 Meg Tandberg Tape Drives NICE PRICE

525 Meg Tandberg Tape Drives NICE PRICE

Post by John V. Jaskols » Wed, 15 Sep 1993 02:22:58

Numerous people have read posts on comp.os.linux from individuals
who have purchased the 525 Meg tape drives from me.
Since the original post is no longer there, I have received lots of
inquiries regarding these drives, what the price was, and whether or
not I could get any more.  I found out today that I can get more.  The
following is the original post.

*ORIGINAL POST FOLLOWS:**************************************

I have a few 525 Meg (compressed) Tandberg tape drives that I will give out on
a first come first serve basis. These drives go for $790.00 brand new. I will
give these drives away to anyone who wants one for $235.00.  Just
think, now you can backup your entire system affordably and you can
sleep easily at night knowing that if you crash you *WON'T* burn.  

These are IBM versions of the Tandberg SCSI tape drives.  
They were manufactured by Tandberg for IBM.  As a result, they
have been manufactured to IBM specs which means that they are very
high quality.  The drives will hold 525 Meg *COMPRESSED*
on a DC6250 tape (250 Meg uncompressed).  They are internal 5 1/4"
half height drives.  They are vastly superior to and 3 times faster than
the Colorado Jumbo 250.  They will work with *ANY* SCSI controller.
The drivers (i.e., ASPI managers) come with your SCSI controller.

These Tandbergs will also come with FREE Tape ARchive (TAR) Backup
software with which to perform backups in DOS.  This Backup Software
can backup your entire system at 2:00 AM.  It is so easy to use and self
explanatory that docs are virtually unnecessary (which is good because
these *DO NOT* come with docs).  Each tape drive comes with complete
installation instructions (written by me) and each comes with usage
instructions.  The drives are not *BRAND NEW*.  They are slightly used
floor models.  They are 100% guaranteed for 30 days.
If you get one and you don't like the way it matches your wallpaper
simply return it for you money back *NO QUESTIONS ASKED*!

S&H is $10.00.

I can take Visa or MasterCard for these.  My home phone number is
(617) 246-3634.  You can call me *ANYTIME* up until 2:00 AM seven days
a week.  The best time to reach me is after 5:30 PM.

These drives work perfectly with OS/2, Windows NT, Linux, BSD,
and other Unices for the PC.

If you are going to pay by MasterCard or Visa call me *ANYTIME* at
my home: (617) 246-3634.  If nobody is home you can leave your name
and a number that you can be reached at (and what time you want me to
call back) and I will call you back ASAP.

If you are going to pay with a check or money order:

In order to acquire a Tandberg make your payment or money order for
$245.00 ($235.00 + $10.00 S&H) payable to:

Dr. John V. Jaskolski

send it to:

Dr. John V. Jaskolski
Suite #307
95 Audubon Rd.
Wakefield, MA.

E-MAIL me confirming exactly what you want and in what quantity and
indicate how much money you sent in your payment.

Dr. John V. Jaskolski

P.S.  E-mail me if you have any questions.  Also, if you are at all
interested let me know now or when you try later they will almost
surely be gone.

The following is a summary description:

#Make/Model:     IBM/Tandberg TDC3600 (internal), IBM originally shipped this
#                model with their RS/6000 line of workstations.
#Max Capacity:   525 Meg with Software compression
#Interface:      SCSI, internal 64K buffer
#Rec. format:    write - (DC6250/525Mb, DC6150/300Mb) w/ compression
#                write - (DC6250/250Mb, DC6150/150Mb) w/o compression
#                read -  QIC-150, QIC-120, QIC-24 (DC6250/6150/600A)
#Form factor:    5 1/4", half-height
#Transfer rate:  6Mb/min
#Documentation: n/a and unnecessary, but the drive has a sticker
#               describing the jumpers
#Accessories:   Tape ARchive (TAR) Backup Software for DOS
#Compatibility:  this is a standard SCSI tape drive and should work with any
#                decently written SCSI software.  Compatibility has been
#                successfully tested with the following hardware/software
#                configurations: OS/2 (2.0 and 2.1 beta), SUN 3/50, 3/60
#                1542B/SYTOS+ (DOS and OS2, using Archive 2150S, Wangtek 5150ES
#                and Tandberg 3660 drivers that come with SYTOS+),
#                1542B/NOVABACK (DOS and OS2), 1542B/ASPITAR (MSDOS port of
#                GNUTAR), Future Domain  850/1660/SYTOS, Always IN2000/NOVABACK
#                Amiga (BTN driver), Quaterback, Mac (Fastback, Retrospect)
#                XENIX, BSD386/FD, Apple IIGS using a CV Tech Ramfast card 3.0m
#                or better his SCSI card does image backup only but image and
#                file backups can be done with GS TAPE software (by Tim Gramms)



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