pcomm woes

pcomm woes

Post by The W » Wed, 15 Jul 1992 04:34:39

Ok, spent all night installing, got a 32 Meg file system and 10 megs
of swap set up, managed to get pcomm.tar, untarred it, and got

unable to open /lib/libc_v2_11

(or something like that)
So I went over there, saw a libc.2.2.2 and tried to make a link
(using ln), but there is no ln on the root disk (grrr) (or I'm just
stupid and couldn't find it) so I copied the thing...

cp libc.2.2.2 libc_v2_11

(euch!  I just wanted to use the modem to download directly to
linux, bypassing messydos and rawrite)
and the thing (surprisingly (not)) seg faulted on me.

So here I sit, running DOS from floppy, trying to figure out how to
get my modem to work for downloading files to linux.

I'm using the bootimage96c, rootimage96 and pcomm96c.tar that I
found on a mirror at banjo.concert.net

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1. : pcomm woes

Why not try using kermit and a (null?) modem?  It's not graceful but for a
brief setup it beats the pain you're having now.  Telix, on the MS-DOS side,
supports kermit.  There's also a package from Columbia which I'm trying to
locate (drop me a note if you want it or Telix shipped out in uuencoded form
- I can't do ftp).


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