Enrich Linux

Enrich Linux

Post by Abhishek Goy » Wed, 21 Nov 2001 21:22:14

We are Oraginizing, the technical festival of our institute. During
the festival we are Opening a Forum for making Linux Popular named as
"Linux Information Center". One the events in that Forum is "Enrich
Linux". In which users can send their own build utilities of Linux.
1. A Utility which may download mails from Yahoo and stores on your PC
2. A tool build over ngrep to moniter the system, may allow closing
the applications usinmg malicious ports and many other facilities  for
a begineer
3. May  be even some new games for linux with better ( faster )

We want to post sample list of such utilities for this purpose.
Users please send us the name and a short description of such
utilities that may facilitate your life and many others.

Thanx in advance for any help that you provide us to Enich Linux

Abhishek Goyal


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I sent yesterday a post concerning the enriched text visualisation with
kmail which doesn't work. In fact, it seems that when I search the
installed mime type in KDE, the text/enriched is not present. Then, no KDE
application are able to visualise enriched text. I use KDE 3 on a SuSE 8.0
system. Does anyone have the same problem or any idea to solve it?


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