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Ok.. I have gotten the problem down to the Xconfig. I have a SVGA Paradise
card (1024x768 512k) . I have tried most of the sequences, and now have it
working in a mono type but the verticle is off so if you tilt your head
squint your eyes and dance around, you believe u can read. =) SUGGESTIONS

1. Discernible humm noise with the riva128/XSVGA X servers @ 32bpp

I  have 3 systems with Diamond/STB video cards with the riva128
(4M), riva128ZX (8M), and riva128TNT (16M).
I have Installed the latest ( XFree86 X servers on each

1280x1024 76Hz refresh rate.  The machines are hooked up via a KVM

76Hz), Keyboard, and Mouse.

On  machines with the ZX/TNT chips, after starting up X, the
monitor begins to generate a discernible cyclic hum (after about
10-15 mins).   Initially, I thought something was wrong with the
monitor **but** the machines are dual boot with Win95 and WinNT,  
I am using the drivers that came on the CDs with the respective
cards set to 32bpp 1280x1024 75Hz and do not experience the
humming noise.

Since, the video cards and the monitor combo works fine under
Win95/NT,  I deduce that the behavior is due to the  X servers.
I was wondering if any else has experienced the same and how have
you solved it.

-- Arun Khan
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2. raid linear...