I am reinstalling linux

I am reinstalling linux

Post by Steven Drinovs » Fri, 13 Aug 1993 23:11:28

Hi I posted about a week ago that I am going to reinstall
linux when my new hardrive comes in.  Well it's here so
I am about to start.  Before I do, I would like to know
if there is a FAQ  for nothing but upcomming releases?

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1. reinstalling xp on a dual boot (RH8.0) machine -- reinstalling grub?

It looks like XP Pro needs to be reinstalled on one of our
workstations that's also dual-booting RH8.0 using GRUB.  I haven't
started yet, but I strongly suspect that the XP reinstall will rewrite
the MBR and wipe out GRUB.  There is no floppy on this machine (not
even a floppy controller) so booting off floppy is not an option.

The machine mostly runs Linux but occasionally has to run XP.  I have
quite an investment in the Linux side and don't want to reinstall
Linux.  Can someone point me to a procedure to reinstall GRUB and set
up the dual-boot the way it was before the XP reinstall, without
having to reinstall RH8?

Thanks, as always.

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