Has anyone got the psx kernel from runix.ru to run?

Has anyone got the psx kernel from runix.ru to run?

Post by Mar » Mon, 04 Jun 2001 11:09:12

I have finially downloaded and unpacked the kernel tarball for psx,
but it comes with absolutely no documentation. Initially I though a
compile would be in order, but it already has a MIPS binary there. How
do I get the thing to boot on the psx box. I assume its a process of
burning onto a cd but i need specifics. Thanks

1. Getting around having to be root to run PPP

I am looking for an easy way to avoid being in root mode to dial ppp. I
understand that earlier versions of ppp do not have this problem, but I guess
I am looking for a 'quick and dirty' solution...since I'm the only user on my
machine, security isn't that big of a deal.

I have a script called 'ppplink-up' that calls chat and pppd to do the work,
and a 'ppplink-down' script to  stop the connection.  What I then did was
create a sort of a wrapper script called 'startppp' with a line like:
su root -c ppplink-up
in it. So what I do is just type startppp, and type my root password when it
prompts for it.  What I want to be able to do is to avoid the hassle of typing
the password in everytime, especially since I want to create a menu option to
start up PPP which won't work as long as I have to type a password.

What I tried doing is using echo to send my password to the script, doing
stuff like:
su root -c ppplink-up < echo password
but re-directing the ouput of echo various ways didn't work.

Any ideas? or should i just go hunt down and mess with the older version of


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