Network problem on SLS .99pl12 (Network is unreachable)

Network problem on SLS .99pl12 (Network is unreachable)

Post by Thomas Guss » Sat, 11 Sep 1993 01:12:54

Hello Linuxers,

I try to install networking in SLS .99pl12. I've installed packages a + b1 (that includes tcpip). I then modified the file /etc/hosts like this:    modem1     network

I set /etc/host to modem1
and /etc/domain to

the I did a reboot:

by executing /etc/ there is the following error message:

SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

if I do a /etc/ifconfig all seems to look proper.

I tried to start networking without /etc/ by first installing loopback device and the device eth0.

ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast

(netmask is correct)

route add   ---->  SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

the ethernet card is a WD8003 and is correctly detected at boot time.

What's Wrong ???

Please send e-mail

thanks thomas



1. Q: 0.99pl12 route add problem, SIOCADDRT: network is unreachable

Hello !

I have an upgraded SLS 1.01 (developement, network, X11 = SLS 1.03).
0.99 pl11 kernel worked fine.

Yesterday I installed the new 0.99pl12 kernel.
Since that time I have trouble with the route add command.

The route add command from tells me: Network unreachable !!!
Here is what happens, when I do an sh -x /etc/

+ NET=
+ ifconfig lo up netmask
+ route add lo
+ [ !=  ]
+ [  !=  ]
+ ifconfig eth0 up netmask
+ route add default eth0
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable
+ route add eth0
SIOCADDRT: Network is unreachable

The ethernet card is recognized correctly:

SLIP: version 0.7.5 (4 channels): OK
eth0: WD80x3 at 0x280,  00 00 C0 25 FD 2D WD8013, IRQ 9, shared memory at 0xc8000-0xcbfff.

ifconfig shows, that the network is setup correctly:

          FLAGS: 0x0049 ( UP LOOPBACK RUNNING )

          FLAGS: 0x0043 ( UP BROADCAST RUNNING )

ping tells me, that networking stuff is running.

What's wrong. I thought of compiling route new, but I didn't
find the source, nor could I find the route command in the
installation log files to see, in which package it is contained.

Any help would be nice. *** Please respond with E-mail ***

Thanks in advance ...


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