Help!! lilo & SBProlog

Help!! lilo & SBProlog

Post by EHRIC » Tue, 03 Nov 1992 03:07:16

Hi there,
        I installed SLS 0.98 two weeks ago.  I noticed that lilo is
included in SLS distribution.  How can I boot linux from my hard drive (
        I also downloaded SBProlog 3.1 last week.  I failed to compile it
under linux.  The problem seems to be related to the syscall/1 predicate.  
Is there any linux user running SBProlog?  What changes are necessary in
order to compile SBProlog under linux?  (I don't want to remove the syscall/
1 predicate!)
        Thanks you very much!

-- Ehric Ho


1. LILO help (DOS & OS/2 & Linux)

Hello world !

Is it possible to boot OS/2 with *only* LILO (no LOADLIN, BOOTLIN, OS/2 Boot
Manager,...) ?! Where should I place LILO and how should I configure it
to work so, and how should I partitioning my HD (wich sys on wich type of
part.) ?

I have a Seagate 1GB(!) and want to boot DOS, OS/2 and Linux from it.
My (current) partitions are:
hda1: dos ("kernel")
hda2: os/2
hda3: <hda5,...>
hda4: linux kernel

Whenn I installed OS/2, it changed my dos partition to unkonwn type (from
1 to 11), and I can start OS/2 and Linux using LILO installed on the root
partition (hda4). Wenn I change the hda1 (DOS) partition type back to 1,
I can boot DOS and Linux with LILO (same conf.), but I cannot boot OS/2
(which takes the DOS partition as drive C, and (of course) cannot find
some files to init the system).

I read that LILO is very flexibel configurable, but I cannot find the
right one for me...! Is there somewhere a OS/2 loader (os2_d.b don't work,
also any_b.b, any_d.b) which changes the partition types where DOS and
OS/2 resides, so I can boot them *normaly* ?! Maybe I can write one (if I
had the time), but I don't want to re-invent the weel, and I cannot
imagine that I am the first with these problem... :-( So, please help me !

Thanx for your help/suggesstions,
Schoene Gruesse,

"Alles Gescheite ist schon gedacht worden,
man muss nur versuchen, es noch einmal zu denken." (Goethe)

"It's not enought to speak, but to speak true" (Shakespeare)

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