Xconfig/mouse problems with Xfree1.2

Xconfig/mouse problems with Xfree1.2

Post by Bob Mye » Fri, 18 Jun 1993 22:57:23

I'm sending this posting to both newsgroups, since I'm not sure if it's an
implementation problem on Linux or on the Xfree side.

First, the info -- installed SLS 1.02 on dtk 80486-25, with STB Powergraph 1024x768
card and Power II (oem version of NEC Multisync III, I believe), Logitec bus mouse.

Second, the problems:

1) in my /home/root directory, I modified Xconfig to use the parameters that I had
   used with my SVR4 system (before it crashed a few days ago).  However, it
   seems that the 1024x768i and 800x600 modes now do not work.  Upon exiting
   Xfree, it seems that a 1024x768 mode was detected -- strange, since I
   commented out this grouping and had the 1024x768i area uncommented.  
   Where does Xconfig get read from???

2) as a normal user, I cannot access the mouse and startx fails.  Any comments?

It seems that the info files obtained from the Xfree mail server doesn't include
info for STB or the Power II/Nec III at this time.



1. Problem to get MS mouse working with Xfree1.2

Hi, I need some to help on this. I have a Dimond Speedster+ video card, and
after many helps from the net, I finally get it work with X window(Xfree1.1
that comes with SLS 98p5) by booting from DOS. Recently, I upgrade to the new
SLS package with Xfree1.2. Since then, I was not able to get the X window
working. I have a microsoft serial mouse which uses com2. So I first set it
to /dev/ttys1 in Xconfig. However, I can not get anything except blank screen
when I start the X window. I first thought it might be because that I did not
set the clock right. However, I found that when I change the setting for mouse
to /dev/ttys2 or other serial ports, the X window startup perfectly(of course
the mouse is not functional anymore). So I believe that there is something
wrong with the mouse setting. Has anybody have similiar experience? Could
someone tell me how to fix the problem? Thanks a lot.


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