Strange modem problem -- my modem no longer works in Linux

Strange modem problem -- my modem no longer works in Linux

Post by Jonathan Badg » Sat, 07 Aug 1993 04:35:46

Just recently, my modem ceased to work in Linux. No, I didn't upgrade my
kernel or anything, it just stopped working in Linux. It still works fine
in DOS, which is the wierd thing -- otherwise I'd assume my modem died.

What happens is that when I run Seyon, I can no longer dial out -- it claims
I'm already connected, and using the hang up function doesn't work. If I set
Seyon to ignore carrier-detect, it simply dials without getting a dial tone.

The serial autodetection routines still find my modem at bootup, so it looks
like Linux knows it is there...

Has anyone any ideas as what could be going wrong? Is there any way part of
my modem could be damaged causing it to still work under DOS but not Linux?

BTW: The modem in question is a Wang 9600/i internal modem.


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