selection: get_ms_event(): Invalid argument

selection: get_ms_event(): Invalid argument

Post by System Administrat » Tue, 10 Aug 1993 05:55:07

When trying to use "selection", all I get is
        selection: get_ms_event(): Invalid argument

What am I doing wrong?

Kernel 0.99p12 with selection, logitech-busmouse, working like a champ
with X11R5 :-)

Cheers, Michael Will


1. Selection: get_ms_event: Invalid Argument

I get this error when trying to run selection's test-mouse.  When I
run selection, I get ms_init(): Permission denied (also happens for root).

I have a Logitech Trackman (same happened with a MS mouse) bus interface,
and running SLS 1.01 99pl9-1 (4-27-93).

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