Xconfig for AST Notebook

Xconfig for AST Notebook

Post by Eildert Groenevel » Wed, 02 Jun 1993 16:30:31

Linux work great on my new DEC 425sl Notebook (=AST powerexec).
However, I have problems with X, particularly I cannot get the
trackball to work.
I would greatly appreciate if someone out there could help out and e-mail
the correct Xconfig file.

Thanx in advance




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 I am trying to load Linux (Slackware 2.2) on an AST Ascantia 810N
notebook. It seems like Linux is unable to actually write the
partition table. It makes the changes, thinks it writes, but when
I start up fdisk again right away, or after a reboot, the partition
table is back to the original. DOS (barf) has no problem with it.
Any ideas on what to try? Has anyone gotten Linux running on one
of these beasts?


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