Mouse busy problem

Mouse busy problem

Post by Joseph Russa » Sat, 02 Oct 1993 09:25:48

  I recently recompiled linux (I patched .99pl12 to .99pl13) and am now
having difficulty with my logitec busmouse. The problem materilizes in
x, but it's because Linux is returning a "device busy". If I boot with
the old kernel, everything is fine.

  I'm testing this with "cat /dev/mouse". Well, for asthetic reasons, I chdir
to /dev and type "cat mouse". On pl13, I'm informed that the mouse is busy.

  I have read FAQs and I have turned on the flag for the logitec drivers.
Linux is recognizing the logitec busmouse when I boot. I have also recompiled
the kernel (a second time - after a make clean and a make setup) to ensure
that I haven't overlooped something clueless like not compiling in the
drivers for my mouse.

  Does anyone have any ideas? Or am I making some colossally stupid mistake?

  Oh, incidentially, does anyone know why minicomm won't take any input
from my keyboard? It compiles and runs fine, I can set it up, but when I
attempt to type anything on the term screen, it ignores it. It looks like
I've sent an XOFF - completley frozen. Only a kill or a resizing of the
xterm will cause it to react & kill itself.


1. PS/2 Mouse Busy Problem

: Hi, I have been having trouble with my PS/2 mouse. When I
: try "startx", it aborts with "mouse busy" error message.
: By trial and error I came to know that if I do "startx" while
: vigorously moving the mouse, X starts without such error.
: What is going on? I correctly set the mouse type and device
: by "PS/2" and "/dev/mouse", and "/dev/mouse" is linked to "/dev/psaux".
: I saw some people suggesting recompiling the kernel after
: modifying "mouse.c" for different IRQ setting, and some other
: people suggesting turning off "gpm" for similar problems.
: Could anyone tell me what I should do?????

I had the same problem when running gpm. I just had to kill the gpm
process before starting X (do a ps -a to find the PID for gpm and then
kill -9 (pid)). Alternatively, you can disable gpm altogether.

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