libc 4.3 and libm 4.0 incompatible?

libc 4.3 and libm 4.0 incompatible?

Post by Keh-Cheng C » Sat, 27 Feb 1993 02:45:14

After the recent library upgrade, all the programs linked with libm complain
"can't load /lib/ .... incompatible version" and refuse to run.
The same programs ran fine in the 4.2 days, and they also run fine if I use
the -static flag during linking.  Do I need a new version of  If so,
where can I find one, or better yet, how can I make one myself?  (I only know
how to make libxxx.a.)

Two more questions:

1) Is there any documentation on Linux-specific gcc flags?  I often see -O6
   in Makefiles, but the FSF man page only talks about -O and -O2.

2) Is there any easy to understand explanation for all the libxxx.{a,ca,sa,so}
   files and this jump table thing?

Your help is greatly appreciated.



1. libc 5.2.16 incompatible with libc.5.0.9?

: As soon as I installed binary distribution
: of libc5.2.16 as many things stopped working,
: most grave case being "make". Under libc.5.0.9
: everything was wonderful.
: I had to revert back to 5.0.9.

yup.  make, pmake, nroff, all quit working.  i went back to 5.0.9

: I have heard is incompatible
: in some things like i/o  with libc.5.0.9.

yup, g++ 2.7.2,, libc.5.0.9 produces executables that seg fault.
i guess i'll have to go back to g++ 2.7.0 and libg++ 262.  bummer.  but i
don't really want to recompile every executable on my system with the new
libc5.2.16.  anyone have any good ideas on this?

: I assume 5.2.16 jumped on vagon..

: Did anybody had something like that?

: Serge

- jeff
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