Can't find the Texinfo stuff

Can't find the Texinfo stuff

Post by Erik Hei » Fri, 30 Apr 1993 15:31:12

I'm looking for the GNU Texinfo package, especially info and makeinfo as Linux
binaries or patches. I got the standard source, but wasn't able to compile it.

Thank you in advance.


1. man puts hard-to-read texinfo stuff on my screen

(if by any chance this has come up recently, sorry... my
system got wiped out, which is why I was trying to figure out
how to use stuff I hadn't before... haven't been reading news

On my system (Linux), when I do "man tar" this is what I get on
my screen:

This file documents the tape archive of the GNU system.

The file is in something called "usr/man/cat1/tar"

I'm aware that some people dispute whether texinfo or troff formats
should be used for some things, I guess that's what I'm seeing here.

Couple questions:  How is this *intended* to be used?  Is it possible
to set up "man" so that it uses both formats?

Is there a way to convert my "usr/man/cat1/tar" to troff format?

Is there a way to convert it to the .info format emacs can read?


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