Is the ATI Graphics Ultra supported by X11 on Linux?

Is the ATI Graphics Ultra supported by X11 on Linux?

Post by sunda.. » Fri, 07 Aug 1992 07:34:45

Hi Linuxers,
Now that v 0.97 is out I am seriously considering installing Linux on my PC
at home. I had a quick question though. Currently I have a Trident TVGA card -
which I know is NOT supported by X11/Linux. So, I am on the lookout for a new
SVGA card. The ATI Graphics Ultra was suggested by a few people at work as an
excellent card. Is this card supported by X? If not, would somebody recommend
a good and relatively fast card that will support Linux/X11. I have OS/2 on my
system right now, so I would prefer to have one that is supported by both the
OSes. Anybody out there willing to give me any recommendations? Thanks heaps.



1. ATI Graphics Ultra+ X11 Performance

I 've  measured the  X11 performance  of my PC

It is a
        Highscreen 486 DX2-66 Tower PC (4386-VIO Mainboard)
        16 MB Memory
        Segate ST3550A AT interface drive (450 MB)

You may optain the results via anonymous ftp

Get the file ati_perf.taz in the directory linux
It is a gzip-ed  tar archive.

Gottfried Rudorfer              | University of Economics and
                                | Business Administration

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