SLS 1.02: "unable to handle kernel paging request"

SLS 1.02: "unable to handle kernel paging request"

Post by Eyal Lebedins » Sat, 24 Jul 1993 20:07:48


I am installing SLS 1.02 (as is) on my 486DX2/66. I have an Ultrastor

Whenever the system is slightly busy it locks up with:
Unable to hadle kernel paging request at address c000000e
Ooops: 0000
EIP:   0008:00010202
fs: 0017
base: 00000000, limit: C0000000
Pid: 871, process nr: 15
66 83 7e 0e 00 75 46 8b 4b 10

Then it repeats 3 more times. and the system is dead.

I am installing into an ext2 fs.

If I install slowly (don't laugh!) I can almost get into the X series...

The system is pl8 as is now on tsx-11.

I still have the old 0.97 on another disk and it seems to work OK.