reboot error reboot error reboot error

reboot error reboot error reboot error

Post by Ian A. Verschur » Fri, 02 Jul 1993 13:36:52

wierd thing just happend to me. I've been runnning linux for about 4months
with the usual rpobelsm.. anyway, yesterday I gota  new Ide drive, and dropped
it into my 486, which also ahs 2 scsi drives in it .. fine.. no prob.
I rebooted, did a mk2efs on the ide, even mounted it to /mnt
cool.. then, today I was going to come back and reisntall my system
onto the Ide. (the scsi drives give me time outs), but for some reason
whenever I try to boot off of my boot this, it gets to
the end of Loading ........
and then reboots the machine again... and it will keep doing this over and
over and over... I even pulled out the ide again, but that didn't help any..
I can stil boot off of an a1.3 disk, but that doesn't really help me any..
eeven though I suppose I could try to make another boot disk.. but
hmmm.. well, I'll try that tomorrow :( ..
I realize this will probbaly fix the error, but I'm just wondering what
could possibly cause and error like this :)
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1. Compaq 6000 reboots and reboots and reboots

I have a Pentium Pro 200 Mhz (Compaq 6000), with 96 Megs of Ram. Installed
I have and IDE Hardrive and IDE CDRom. When installing either Caldera's
OpenLinux or Slackware 3.2-3.3, at the bootup it reboots itself. There
is no error messages being shown--it just reboots right after it creates
the RAM Disk. I believe that there is something wrong with the probing
of the PCI devices which the kernel cannot find or is to high in address
space to see, so it reboots. I have tried many things even trying to boot
using loadlin, but no luck. Even tried lowering the address space of the
PCI devices--but then I get a kernel panic.

I have heard numerous of other complaints about this problem, and Compaq
has to fix this problem. Otherwise, I am just stuck with a rebooting
machine. Compaq if you are there, please redirect me to an answer--your
customer support really sucks!...especially when I have to wait over
an hour for someone who doesn't know anything on the other end!

If you are looking for a Linux Machine with the Compaq 6000, I wouldn't
recommend it. I've heard other Compaqs work well. There is just something
that just doesn't seem to work...I'm just glad that Caldera has a fix for
the Ethernet Adapter.


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