My mouse has gone crazy

My mouse has gone crazy

Post by Robert A. Hayd » Fri, 16 Apr 1993 12:13:47

I am using .99pl8 and the most recent version of selection.  In the last
few days I have noticed that my mouse (MS-compat. on COM 1) will suddenly
go completely and utterly crazy; not moving where he's supposed to,
randomly clicking buttons without my fingers, driving me essentially crazy :)

I do not have anything that has conflicting inturrupts (Modem on com2, no
printer.  SBlaster card on IRQ7).

Any thoughts at all what might be causing this?  I've made two recent
changes to the system.  Upgrade to pl8 and change from efs to e2fs.

Thanks for your time.

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1. HELP: Mouse goes crazy.

   Its been a very frustrating experience trying to get my Microsoft
Inport (bus)mouse to work under Linux.  The mouse does not track properly
when running under XWindows.  Moving the mouse a tiny bit causes the
pointer to move erratically all over the screen, making the mouse
unusable.  Some have said it might be a protocol problem but I have
compiled the kernel for a Microsoft Inport(bus) mouse.  I did notice a
warning when terminating XWindows but have no idea what it means -->
"Warning: unable to get status of mouse fd"  Anybody know what this means?
Also there are no IRQ conflicts with any other devices and /dev/mouse ->
inportbm and under XF86Config I have "Microsoft" and "/dev/mouse".
Also, its an old style mouse, the one shaped like a soap bar.


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