Almost working....font path is screwing up in X (path's correct)

Almost working....font path is screwing up in X (path's correct)

Post by Charles Jefferson Blai » Tue, 27 Oct 1992 04:23:37

Okay, in my neverending saga of trying to get x running with SLS 0.98 using
my SAME clock settings from my old xconfig.....
The sucker is bombing out on my font path, but the font path is correct and
points directly to all the proper fonts.

Fatal server error:  Could not open default font 'fixed'.
(before that, "Failed to set default font path 'usr/X386/lib/X11/fontss......
blah blah.  

I checked the path in the Xconfig with the exact directories where all of
my fonts are (default SLS place), and it all matches up.

Anyone, anyone?


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1. zsh's 'typeset -U path' wipes out path/PATH

I've found a bug (or at best a very perverse "feature") in zsh; it
can be illustrated by the following three short scripts:

# script_A
echo $#path
typeset -U path
echo $#path
# eof

# script_B
source script_A
# eof

# script_C
c_fxn () { source script_A }
# eof

Note that both the contents of script_B and the body of the function
c_fxn defined in script_C consist of the same one line, namely
"source script_A".  Now,

% source script_B
% source script_C

In words, when script_A is sourced within a script that is itself
being sourced, typeset -U path preserves the components of PATH
(or at least their number), but if script_A is sourced within the
body of a *function*, calling the function causes the expression
typeset -U path to *clear* the contents of PATH.

Please-please-please don't tell me this is a feature!  I'd lose
all faith in the designers of zsh if this turns out to be a feature!

More importantly, how does one get around this problem.  I've tried
saving the value of $path before calling 'typeset -U' on it, and
restoring it afterwards, but the results have been disastrous (I've
tried too many variants to describe them all).


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and the last period, and everything after it, should be discarded.


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