SLS 1.01 stock kernel question.

SLS 1.01 stock kernel question.

Post by Justin Gree » Wed, 02 Jun 1993 13:42:00

Does anyone know how the kernel comes configured for SLS 1.01.  Also, why
on bootup does it not detect so many different Ethernet cards (WD, 3C,
HP...) but now that I have recompiled it only doesn't find WD (no mention
of the others anymore).  I looked through the sources and couldn't find any
mention of why the stock kernel even knows about the other cards (the FAQ
tells you to FTP the drivers).  Thanks.



1. SLS 1.01 kernel recompile == funky keyboard

For some reason when I recompile the Linux kernel using source
that comes with SLS 1.01, running make config, make dep, and make Image
and make image I reboot the new kernel and am flabbergasted to find
that my keyboard is all wacky.  Specifically I am using a 101 key
American HP keyboard that works fine with the standard kernel
form a1.3 and the like but upn recompilation keys get switched
around to the tune of - and _ becoming + and ? and strange stuff
like that.  Surely that's because I've compiled in support for some
other kind of keyboard but the various tests I've tried to fix it
and use the correct keyboard info have failed and I'm uninterested
in recompiling over and over to see if I got it right.  has anyone
encountered/solved this problem?  Any suggestions about where to


Alternatively, the whole reason I am recompiling is to changethe
we0 default interrupt from 5 to 2.  Is there any way to achieve
this without a recompile?


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